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We make gaming more accessible for casual players, helping them stand out and enjoy the game effortlessly.

We are dedicated to making gaming more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Our innovative gaming macros are designed to help casual players stand out and enhance their gaming experience.

Whether you’re new to gaming or a seasoned player, our goal is to provide tools that simplify gameplay and maximize fun. Join us and discover a new level of gaming excellence!

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We can create macro applications for games we currently don’t support. If you have specific requirements, please reach out to us.


External Application that converts your mouse and keyboard to emulate and virtual controller, giving you aim assist in most games.

Apex Macro app

Do you favorite moves in Apex with a click of a button. Manlte Jump
Jitter Aim
Instant Shield Swap


A universal macro app giving you the ability to create your own macros - Coming Soon


Our macro application are external and does not interfere read or write to game memory.

Been using for months whenever ive had problems
i got quik responce and help best money
ive spent on apex highly recommend
“Really enjoying the
Tap strafing so far, recommend 10000%
hopefully you get it smooth on controller aswell”
“Very easily setup. Good stuff.”
Zen Discord member
Glow Discord Member
Duke Discord Member

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