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XDEFIANT - Omniflow

What is Omniflow?

Omniflow is a mouse and keyboard to controller re-mapper. It gives you aim assist whilst using your mouse, reduced recoil for all weapons. APP is in beta. We try to constantly update it.

What you will receive:
• Mouse Aim Assist • The app only converts mouse input into controller input
• Advanced Recoil Reduction
• High Compatibility (works with any mouse or keyboard)
• Low Latency (1ms)

Base Settings

Omniflow Settings
Mouse Movement 4
Sensitivity: 1700
Smoothing: 0.1
Anti-Drift: 80
Deadzone: 0

Mouse DPI: 1.6K+

Ingame Settings
Change Gameplay Input to Controller
Turn auto sprint On
Deadzone: 0
HORIZONTAL/VERTICAL sensitivity : 100
ADS multiplier:1.55
Curve type: LINEAR

beta release date
May 2024
Mouse & Keyboard Aim Assist 
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